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Your credit report and scores are an extension of you. They represent your financial standing and creditworthiness, but what happens when they’re inaccurate? A poor credit score and a report full of negative items can cost you money over the long run and make your life that much more stressful. So, what do you do when you’re stuck in the hole of bad credit? The answer: credit repair. Now, most of the time when someone mentions credit repair, people cringe. Credit repair tends to get a bad reputation, though we’re not sure why because it can be immensely helpful to people struggling with poor credit scores and reports clogged with negative information. It may be that a lot of people think they don’t need to pay for something they could do themselves, or, more often, they’re scared of being burned by a shady credit repair agency that just takes their money but does no work. If you’re in that second group of people, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal at MyReview is to give you the confidence and tools you need to repair your credit through trusted resources. To that end, we’ve taken the top credit repair agencies in the nation and reviewed them to let you know more about their features and benefits, pricing, credibility, and more. Find all the information you need to make an educated decision about your credit below with our top 5 credit repair agencies of 2017.

Top Credit Repair Agencies of 2017

1. CreditFix GO TO WEBSITE


Overall Rating
  • One-on-one customer service
  • Multipoint dispute process
  • Lawful monthly disputes to all 3 bureaus
  • Easy access to credit education
  • Affordable monthly rate
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Free Consultation In Business Since Monthly Cost Reputation Score
Yes 2000 $99.95 9.9/10

2. Lexington Law GO TO WEBSITE


Overall Rating
  • In business since 1991
  • Served 500,000 clients
  • Two monthly plans available
  • Free consultations
  • Access to paralegals 7 days a week
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Free Consultation In Business Since Monthly Cost Reputation Score
Yes 1991 $79 9.8/10



Overall Rating
  • Average 40 point credit score increase
  • Ethical, legal disputes
  • Simple 3 step process
  • Avg. 7% negative items removed per month
  • Focus on education
Free Consultation In Business Since Monthly Cost Reputation Score
Yes 1997 $99 9.5/10

4. Sky Blue Credit Repair GO TO WEBSITE


Overall Rating
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Low monthly rate
  • 15 disputes every 35 days
  • Truly experienced professionals
  • Focus on every aspect of customer service
Free Consultation In Business Since Monthly Cost Reputation Score
Yes 1989 $59 9.4/10

5. Ovation Credit Repair GO TO WEBSITE


Overall Rating
  • One on one customer service
  • Affordable monthly rate
  • Unlimited disputes
  • Founded by attorneys
  • Over a decade of experience in the industry
Free Consultation In Business Since Monthly Cost Reputation Score
Yes 2004 $69 9.2/10

Review Summary

Choosing the right credit repair company is just as important as realizing you need one. But it’s always where to start that’s the problem. Our experts have rated the best credit repair companies and ranked them in the simple chart below. Each one offers you the opportunity to improve your credit standing and, in turn, your financial health overall.

Rank Kind of Service Rating Business Since Expert Rating
#1 Credit Fix A+ 1996 9.9/10
#2 Lexington Law A 1991 9.8/10
#3 A- 1997 9.5/10
#4 Sky Blue Credit B+ 1989 9.4/10
#5 Ovation Credit Repair B 2004 9.2/10

Questions About This Kind of Service

Guided by:
Kim Jones, Finance Editor

1. What is Credit Repair?

Credit repair is a process available to those who are struggling with poor credit. While it may have gotten a bad rep in the past, the credit repair industry has come incredibly far and consumers now have multiple great options when looking for a company to repair their credit. Credit repair often consists of a two-fold approach.

First, identify inaccurate or outdated items on your credit report. Once you’ve identified these, you can use your rights as a consumer to dispute them with the credit bureaus and have them removed from your credit report, thus raising your score. The second aspect of credit repair is paying down debts and getting your current finances in order. This will help raise your credit score over time, resulting in a better credit standing.

2. How Much Does Credit Repair Cost?

Technically, repairing your credit is free if you do it yourself. However, if you choose to use a credit repair service, the cost depends on the service you use. The industry standard is between $50 and $130. When you consider how much money you’re losing struggling with bad credit, a $50 per month membership to a service that will help you earn more money and become financially free in the future is worth it on every front. You could also invest in credit repair software, but that could cost you up to $400.

3. Why Should I Bother Repairing My Credit?

Your credit affects every aspect of your life. When you have a poor credit score (generally this means a score between 350 and 700) you’ll have a harder time getting approved for credit like home loans, auto loans, personal loans, credit cards, and so on. Your credit rating could even affect your chances at a new job or housing situation. A credit report riddled with collections, late payments, charge-offs, inquiries, and more is often a red flag or anything having to do with finances. For a long time, the only option people had when their credit report contained these things was to wait it out and hope they eventually went away.

However, these days consumers have certain rights that allow them to rid their reports of inaccurate, old, or misleading information. That’s what credit repair is. Credit repair is a legal avenue for you to raise your credit score and, in turn, improve your quality of life. It’s actually a very simple process and has infinite benefits. A higher credit score means lower interest rates on loans and credit cards, a more stable financial profile, more financial opportunities, and a lot more. If you’re struggling with poor credit, credit repair is for you. Leaving your poor credit where it is and just hoping something changes won’t yield any results. Actually working on your credit is the only way to get from where you are to where you want to be, and there are multiple reputable companies that can help you get there.

4. How Long Does Credit Repair Take?

This heavily depends on what your credit report looks like. If you have a significant amount of negative, inaccurate, or old items on your report it will take significantly longer than if you just have a few misreported or old late payments. On average, people spend about 6 months repairing their credit, but it could take longer if your report and score are in very bad shape. Keep in mind that, if you decide to attempt repairing your credit yourself, it may take significantly longer (unless you are very well versed in the laws surrounding the credit industry). These estimates are estimates only, and they are directed toward people who choose to use a reputable credit repair company.

5. Can’t I Just Do It Myself?

You absolutely can repair your credit on your own. You can send in your own disputes to the bureaus and talk with your creditors. However, the reason many people choose to use a credit repair company is that these services have professionals who are trained in the law and best practices. If you choose to repair your credit yourself you’ll need to know every single law related to credit repair and how to properly dispute inaccuracies on your report. If you dispute incorrectly in any way, or dispute too often, the bureaus can ignore your requests.

Using a credit repair company, as long as they are a legitimate company like the ones reviewed above, ensures that everything is done correctly, within best practice guidelines, and as quickly as legally possible.

Bad Credit Stats

The average credit score of American consumers:










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